Wine Test Bot

Job 37681 - ffV

Step no Task no Status VM Timeout File name Command line args Execution started Execution ended Number of test failures
1 1 completed wxppro 120 winmm_crosstest.exe wave 1
1 2 completed w7u 120 winmm_crosstest.exe wave 1

wxppro (32 bit wave)

Windows XP Pro SP3 + IE8 / vm3Updated on 2014/04/17, added WinPcap, Silverlight, optional DirectX components, msxml4 SP3, Visual C++ 2005 SP1, 2008 SP1 and 2010 SP1 runtimes. [CPU:2*kvm32 RAM:1GB disk:virtio eth:rtl8139 snd:ac97 GPU:vga display:spice testagentd:1.6-detached]
wave.c:1441: Test failed: waveOutMessage(DRVM_MAPPER_PREFERRED_GET) failed: 11

w7u (32 bit wave)

Windows 7 Ultimate Japanese+IE11 / vm1Installed Internet Explorer 11 + all updates up to 2016/07/25. Inserted the MemTest86 CD. [CPU:kvm32*2cores RAM:1.5GB disk:virtio eth:e1000 snd:ich6 GPU:cirrus display:spice testagentd:1.6-detached]
0d88:wave: unhandled exception c0000005 at 73D359B5